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Cutting Board Easel
A wonderful way to display your beautiful cutting board with this Wrought iron look easel.  $10.00
Mom small trinket box (Grandmother not shown)
Mother's Plaque
Mom - Sentiment Mug
Amazing Woman
Candle Warmer Lamp
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Beautiful trinket box with an adored message for Mom which reads: Mom, kind heart, beautiful spirit, lifelong blessing. $15.00
Beautiful stand along plaque displaying the message of MOM being a gift of beauty, blessing, and a lifetime of love. This plaque is crafted of hardboard with a unique adornments, copper-colored metal accents and burlap detail. $15.00
This beautiful mug is prefect for Mom"s morning coffee or afternoon tea. Mug displays a heartfelt message of what MOM  means. $12.00
An adoring frame for an AMAZING WOMAN. Show your love and add your favorite pictue to this beautiful frame. 

The Aurora Candle Warmer Lamp™ is a revolutionary new concept to the candle warming industry. This lamp creates the ambiance of a burning candle releasing the candle’s fragrance within minutes. 
Note: Candles not included
(colors avail: White, Black, Bronze and Pewter shown here)  $32.99

Replacement bulbs $6.00
Divine Inspiration Home Decor & Gifts
Text for this "Blessed is she" cutting board begins with "Blessed is she who daily imparts murturing care and kindness of the heart"  A wonderful message of inspiration to display on any counter top. 

Cutting Board
"Blessed Woman"
Wooden Oil Warmers
Beautiful and elegant wooden oil warmer.  Each unit comes with a dimmer switch to adjust lighting.  You may use as a famp or add any of your favorite scented oils or wax melts.  For a complete list and pictures of the additional styles available feel free to send an email request to us. $22.00

Replacement bulbs $3.00
Cutting Board "Recipe for Grandmother"
This cutting board displays a recipe for Grandmother. Let her know how awesome she is this Mother's Day. 

Cutting Board 
"In this home"
This beautiful cutting board comes with a great message which reads: In this home, we believe in celebrating together-living deeply, laughing often and loving always. We believe we were brought together to support and care for each other. We believe in one another, in this family, In this home.
(Display stand sold separately) 

Cutting Board
"Amazing Woman"
Blessings with 
photo frame
​A tribute to the amazing woman woman or women in your life. Here you have the recipe for an Amazing Woman. 
The word BLESSINGS says so much to the heart and soul. This comes with a little frame for you favorite picture. 

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